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Registrar Office – مكتب مسجل الجامعة

Responsibilities to register the university with official bodies, and Overall administrational and strategic support.

2011-10-31 Approved Conistitution MOHE - IPTS
2012-01-30 Graduation
2011-04-12 Letter from MOHEs Schloarship Department R0
Malaysia Employment Act 1955
2011-06-21 e-student submission
Attachment 2
Al Madinah International University
Virtual Accounts V1
Guide SD ISA_R15 (Simpllified)
2010-02-12 Approval from the Minister of Higher Education Malaysia for Donation for MEDIU- Final
2010-08-25 Translation of MEDIU official licenses and MSC certificate to Arabic
2010-11-02 Approval from MOHE for international staff R0
2011-3-01Approval for the conventional courses
Approval to Change the
Letter Letter of acknowledgment to whom may in concern from MHOE
Transelation of Licence